Monday, March 21, 2005


Everything is back to front and upside-down over here.

I guarantee that you will walk into a room and turn the lights off. You will scald yourself on the hot tap and you will have to employ a locksmith to remove the jammed yale key from your front door. You will attempt to twist and pull out screw-in light bulbs and have to adapt to the fact that here, a first name is actually a surname. You will also come to realise that Free Home Delivery Pizza Service involves an 80Ft surcharge for the box and that Non-Stop shops have opening hours, usually 0600 to 2200. You may well be puzzled by the facts that Saturday is half-day closing and that addresses and dates are mirror images of our own. Here, the sales assistant is always right and you are expected to tip in gratitude at having received any kind of service at all in restaurants and bars.

It is however, possible that you will become used to all this. You will then return home, walk into a room and turn the lights off...

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