Monday, March 28, 2005


God help us. It would appear from this that New Labour's policy twunts have decided to make being middle class compulsory. Notwithstanding the facts that it might prove a tad tricky to house the entire population on Henman Hill during Wimbledon fortnight and that having to retool whatever remains of our industrial base to meet the demand for Pringle knitwear may also be problematic, it occurs to me that the terminally bored will need just as much, if not more, motivating to actually bother to vote.

Besides which, they would probably have the polls demonstrating unwavering support for their designs for a better Britain but who would actually build it?

I guess that now they've completed their own make-over into Low Tory tosspots they obviously feel that the rest of the population should follow.

Oh well. I suppose I should be grateful. Whenever life threatens to get too interesting over here, I could always pop back for an away-day-grey-day rest cure. Major's Britain, eh? Who would have thought it?

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