Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Mmmm. Nice recipe, Jess. Howsomever, what you have described would seem to me to be only a few evolutionary steps away from the proto-tomato sandwich. Quite suitable for the Southern States where, I understand, twelve toes are considered more stable than the usual ten, but here in 'Yurp', a version exists which, while retaining many essential design features of the original, has evolved to suit more sophisticated palates.

The skillet would have a light coating of olive oil and the bread be fried therein. A clove of garlic would then be rubbed over the crispy surface and the tomatoes placed on top. Finely chopped fresh basil and a hint of a particle of a drop of a splash of balsamic vinegar (or, at a pinch, Henderson's) would then be introduced as would a pinch of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. And there you would have it. Breath-taking in its utter perfection.

Among the more refined circles, a debate still rages as to whether or not the open or closed version represents the pinnacle of evolutionary achievement but I fear this is pure sophistry or, viewed in a different light, mere babble from the sick-bed.

By 'eck. It's good to have you back girl.

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