Saturday, November 22, 2003

I rather thought I'd set you a little challenge today and see whether you can decipher the hidden message in today's offering.

Having listened to the match on the net today, I am obviously not in the best of moods right now.

And, notwithstanding the fact that we lost , we have dropped down the table to fourth.

The fact that it would appear that the result had more to do with the ineptitude of the referee than any lack of form on our part is scant consolation.

Even now, hours after the event, I am still muttering and cursing the name Fletcher under my breath.

Fletcher...obviously a living embodiment of Jessica's word of the day, cockalorum - a self important little man.

Until next time then. Move on. Put it behind you. Remember the 7-0 thrashing in 70/71. That should put a smile back on your face.

Cockalorum. Mmmm. I can't quite see how it might be assimilated into a terrace chant. The referee's a cockalorum doesn't quite scan, somehow.

Kind as it was of everybody in the chat room to look on the bright side, after all it is not as if we are out of touch with the leaders yet, I fear that the sour taste will linger well into next week.

It shames me to admit it but I could have paraphrased Eric Cantona...I am not far from thinking that we are a bag of shite.

Notwithstanding Michael Brown's seeming return to fitness there are precious few positives I can take from this match.

Goalscoring seems to be a major problem for us. We enjoy good spells of domination over the opposition but cannot convert these into goals. The theory seems to be that we need a 20 goal a season striker.

I would beg to differ in that I am sure any of our myriad strikers would score more were they provided with a better service. Nuddy hasn't put in a cross all season and the amount of time Tonge spends on the left is less than that of the most rabid blue-rinse Tory.

Putting more emphasis on getting the ball out wide and whipping in a few inviting crosses would seem a more worthwhile between match activity than angling for an improved contract.

Surely, even the Chief would be capable of 20 or so goals were the service of a better quality.

Wendy fans on Praise or Grumble did their best to cheer me up though. What a miserable and pathetic bunch they were today. Mind you, if their comments on the performance of their team today were accurate, I'm not surprised they felt that way. At least we're still fourth and in with a shout of promotion. They'll be lucky to even avoid relegation.

I feel better already! The only advantage of sharing a city with a team like Wendy is that we can always, even in our moments of deepest despond, glance over at that shower in S6 and thank our lucky stars.

Cigarette, anyone? Slimline filters are back on the market and to roll one up for you would be the work of but a moment. No? Suit yourselves.

Having reached the end of this pointless little post, I am however, curious as to how many of you will fail to spot the message contained herein. Answers on a postcard to the usual address and if I am not deluged with correct answers, I will have to adjust my opinion concerning the intellectual capacity of my readers and reach the inescapable conclusion that you are all closet Wendyites. If you have been, I thank you.

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