Wednesday, May 18, 2005


(Reference: 10 points)

Those of you whose computer room is designed upon standard casino lines where no natural light is allowed to dapple the green baize will probably be interested to know that the download manager FlashGet is presently carrying an offer of a free local weather indicator for your toolbar.

The rest of us? Well, we'll just make do with the fenestration technologies that have served us so well up to now in providing what CNN would undoubtedly call a window on the weather.

I despair sometimes. I really do.


Admirable as the fact may be that some people boycott the products of multi-national behemoth corporations, I am unconvinced that my strategy is not more subtle and somewhat superior. I actually contract for the buggers. At the prices I charge, I reckon they should all be bankrupt within a couple of years.

I particularly enjoy it when, like today, none of the hamsters can tear themselves away from their executive cubicle wheels thus affording me the opportunity of (at a quite exhorbitant rate of sterling) whiling away the time by inventing some little brain teasers for your delectation and delight. To whit...


1. G. E. G. S. (9,4)

2. Pickle Michael Howard for all your winter plant needs. (12)

3. An empire building confection? (4,8)

4. Boiling bricks and mortar? (4,7)

5. Cut off commie boss. French revolutionary basket case? (7,4)

6. Drug sounded out by Irishman. (8)

7. Zoe's pets, tailless, go to work. Twunts. (3,7)

Further clues available for a nominal charge from the usual address.

Hey ho.

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