Thursday, September 09, 2004


Day 16 Addendum

Forgot to mention that after procuring our tickets for the match, I decided to locate and check out the Sheaf View as it was a new one for me. Weggie's directions were pretty good and I found it without too much trouble. As I parked, it started to rain so I picked up the Frog and carried her inside. I placed her down on an upholstered bench and sauntered enthusiastically over to the bar where the only two other customers in the whole place were ensconced and where I had been assured I would find several real ales and numerous 'poncy lagers'. I was there informed that we would have to sit the rain...on uncovered wet benches. And all because of a very recently four year old girl. Bollocks. No wonder we're a nation of aggressive drunks and binge drinkers.

Anyway, I swore and we left. Thirst unslated.

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