Saturday, September 04, 2004


Day 5

My mission, and I did choose to accept it, was to purchase, purloin or otherwise obtain one bottle of malt from each of the Islay distilleries.

I had to go into Spilsby for a newspaper and some milk and I sauntered into Somerfields where I spotted these on the shelf.

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The McClelland's was a mystery to me and it was only after I had bought it that I realised it was one of those 'specially bottled for...' jobbies so to make up for my mistake, I bought two bottles of Bowmore. What the hell, I was flush and feeling reckless.


Day 6

Any shopping trip to Boston wouldn't be complete without a visit to Tesco's now, would it? Leaving the Frog and Dragon amongst the fruit and vegetables, I made straight for the spirits and was not disappointed.

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One bog standard and one cask strength later and it's three down, five to go.


Day 7

A little run out through Old Bolingbroke and up and over the hill to Horncastle. The only place to park there is really Tesco's and, as we were there, I allowed the Frog to drag me inside.

After getting her some munchies and something to drink, I half-heartedly perused the spirits' section where, lo and behold, was lurking one of the more hard to get malts of Islay.

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Pausing only to kiss the Frog in gratitude, I crossed the Caol Ila off the list and headed out for the river where she indulged in a spot of duck worrying.

I was then dragged through every shop in Horncastle, most of which are antique emporia, second-hand bookshops or charity shops. Considerably lighter of pocket, I was heading back to the car when I spotted an off-licence. More in hope than expectation, I wandered in, glanced up at the whiskies and exclaimed, "Bingo!" Having thus attracted the attention of the assistant, I made my purchase and wended my merry way back to the car with the following.

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All in all, a very good day.

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