Sunday, July 11, 2004


I was in a bit of a quandry this evening. Whether to continue mowing the lawn or to mark a few more oral examinations.

The mosquitos rather put paid to the former...little bastards have obviously developed an immunity to the 'Off' spray I employ on these occasions...and a sense of propriety over the English language rather stymied the latter.

So...all things being equal and free will being paramount, I watched all three episodes of the TV adaptation of 'Dune' and got spectacularly drunk on Booker's bourbon.

Hey ho. Bollocks. Hic. Bastards.

I would also direct you to one of the most restrained and honest pieces of writing I have ever read...if you can read this and remain unmoved, you are without doubt bereft of even the slightest touch of humanity.

I don't know you, Jon, but by all that's reasonable, I feel for you right now. There is no God.

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