Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Anyone desirous of receiving gifts from Hungary should speak now, time is running short. I shall be leaving on Thursday.

Blogging will be suspended until such time as I can convince my accountant that a lap-top is an acceptable expense. Well, actually my chartered accountant has been behind the idea for a while but the real accountant, the one who holds me accountable, the capa di tuti capi, has yet to be convinced.

Why is it that women are all too ready to embrace new technology regarding reproduction, weight loss, cosmetics and surgical enhancement and yet so Luddite when it comes to information technology? I must have missed the Oprah on 'partners I have lost to a computer'.

Well, now I've successfully, but not really intentionally, alienated the better looking part of my readership, I'll continue.

I have in fact, been doing the accounts today...by which I mean sorting out all the invoices and attempting to figure out which will stand a soupcon of a smidgen of an iota's chance of being accepted by the Revenuers as a legitimate expense for a language school. Those for the crates of Amstel, Stella and 2000 Pinot Noir have been binned but I have a few interesting Hotel bills that show some promise. I wonder whether or not the fact that, in most cases, the bar tab exceeds the cost of accommodation would sneak under their radar. Or would filing it under 'entertainment' allow it to pass unchallenged? One can but try. The ones for electronic goods are a constant source of worry. Especially as I rather went overboard with a PC upgrade and bought a TV, DVD player and Video recorder, all for educational purposes you understand. I am also in need of a really good quality digital camera...there's nothing like snapshots to get the students talking and the pictures on this blog really suck in terms of delineation and focus...I wonder. Argos Polaroid...your time may well be nigh. Maybe the Shrub can point me in the direction of a 'good buy' as I have been really impressed with his photos so far. If he tells me he scans them in from an analogue, I shall seek and destroy while I am back in the 'Septic Isle'. Should you hear of a dirty bomb going off somewhere in the Crookes region of Sheffield, the motive was purely photographic.

One also rather fancies visiting BDTBL on the 14th for the Reading game. Seeing as how I have become persuaded that meeting people from t'internet is not necessarily fraught with unimaginable horrors and complications, I have already taken steps to arrange face to faces with two of my fellow Blades. Whether they will even begin to approach what I have begun to refer to as the South African Nike experience...'Jess do it!' remains to be seen. I am optimistic though, 'tis my eager nature. So, Uncy and Weggie...gird up thy loins, the day of the Kan is nigh.

You fill up my senses...

Oh, and this just made my night!

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