Thursday, July 15, 2004

What began as a small disturbance at 10 000 feet somewhere over the mid-atlantic has now increased in force, intensity and, most pertinently, proximity.
Hurricane Jess is due to arrive over Budapest some time around midday tomorrow. Airport bars and shoe emporia will be closed and boarded up in anticipation. Inhabitants of the capital have been reassured that the danger will be only fleeting as she will divert in a south-westerly direction should the jet-stream (read VW Passat) arrive as forecast.
The prognosis for the weekend is wet. Very.
I visited my friend, our host at the jazz festival, yesterday and he does indeed have ample stocks of 60% by volume Hungarian pálinka. His wine store is comprised of the eminently drinkable...the bottled stuff and the even more drinkable straight from the barrel last year's vintage...even if it does only come in two varieties, white and red.
These supplies may prove unecessary, although I rather doubt it, should we decide to fully explore the possibilities of my own cellar prior to hailing a cab for Cserfő.
So, expect pics shortly and anon. I rather suspect blogging time will be sacrificed for drinking time and, should you not hear from me awhile, fear not. 'Twill simply be embarrassment at having been out-bendered by a girly.
A hip flask in the glove compartment might just be in order. I have some really vicious pálinka. Happen I can nobble her before we even get home. If not, I have a suspicion that I may well be doomed.

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