Thursday, May 27, 2004


The first in an occasional series dedicated to the Hungarian conception of what constitutes a tasteful exterior colour scheme for one's house.

No 1. The view from my window as I type.

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They did the roof first, replacing the old asbestos tiles with metal sheeting cunningly crafted to resemble real roof-tiles. Not. Horrendous as it undoubtedly is, I reckon I could have lived with it had they not then decided to paint the plaster cladding that awful shade of...well, what exactly? Not content with that, they proceeded to paint the skirting around the bottom of the house to match the roof. Such an elegant idea. Oh well, there goes the neighbourhood.

In reply to Balders over at The UK Today, if it were economy I were after, I would get this bugger back on the road.

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And whenever the boy racer urge gets too strong, this usually does the trick!

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