Wednesday, May 12, 2004


We went to a secondary/high school graduation ceremony over the weekend where, as a matter of tradition, endless speeches are made, poems are read and the entire school attends to form a parade of honour for those graduating. At the school in question, this ceremony is usually held out of doors but, as it was verily pissing down with rain on the day, it was decided that it would be held in the school gymnasium.

Large as it is, about the size of a handball court and with adequate room for spectators at a match, the fact that every graduate had invited their entire extended family and friends (hence my presence) led to our hanging around in the foyer to avoid the crush and eventually pissing off home before tootling off to the party afterwards.

Now, the thing is that this ceremony requires a certain protocol on the part of the female graduates. They must all dress, scratch that...identically, in a uniform supposedly based on the old Soviet Pioneers only the red has been exchanged for blue. The boys have no such constraints...although decorum insists upon a suit but the upshot is that the white blouse with blue stripy shoulder type appendages leads to the girls all looking like sailors for the day.

Needless to say, when the frog heard of this, she just had to have a sailor suit of her own. And didn't she just love it!

I seem to remember a personality test on this blog which accused me of being that's where she gets it from! Posted by Hello