Saturday, July 30, 2005


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Ambisinister (adj) Descriptive of one possessing an uncanny ability to look like Michael Howard in both left and right profile.

Irremissible (adj) Descriptive of any penalty awarded to a Premier League side when playing Championship opposition. Refers to the fact that should the first attempt be unsuccessful, the referee will order it re-taken until such time as a goal is scored.

Ketch (n) A good one of which all this year's debutants will be out to snare.

Hagridden (n) Where the rather hirsute giant in Harry Potter settles down to watch the big game.
(pp) What you find you have been when you take the Stella goggles off in the morning.

Couchette (n) A very laid back vegetable of the marrow family.

Eldritch (n) What one's mummy always hoped one would marry into.

Pusillanimous (n) An aversion to female genitalia.

Brummagem (adj) Of things that are cheap, showy, tawdry, or counterfeit.

Thanks to Jess for the words. The definitions are mine. Except one. I had to include the real definition of Brummagem. Some things are perfect just the way they are.

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