Thursday, June 09, 2005


Froggy is getting a little jealous of my marking examination papers so I decide to give her an English test.

"Okay then, sweetheart. What's the English for 'macska'?"


"Hungarian sausage."

"Okay then. What's this in English?"

At this point I cheat and whisper the answer into her ear.

"Most emlékszem! Table."

"Okay. What's this?"
"And what colour is it?"
"So it is and wha..."
"And white."

"That's right. Now, you see that photo over there? The one of you. You're sitting on something, aren't you? What's that called in English?"
"Hey, that's good. I was expecting you to say mummy." Completely failing to recognise the obvious set-up.

"Okay, then. If mummy's a woman, what's daddy?"


I did ask.

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