Sunday, February 29, 2004

Word of the Day

eldritch (n) What one's mummy always hoped one would marry into.


Okay, let's look at the positives...

1. She's definitely female.
2. Words of more than three syllables hold no horrors for her.
3. She seems to have a remarkably sound grasp of the 'Football, Beer and Sex' raisons d'etre.
4. Six inch heels? Need I say more?
5. She would seem to be well aware of all the erotic possibilities of a Blades' replica shirt.
6. Her knowledge of obscure bourbons is probably on a par with that of mine regarding single malt scotch.
7. She has a perfect balance of wit, sense, humour and intelligence and knows the value of a well crafted insult.
8. If I mention Sophocles, she won't think it refers to John's lesbian sister.
9. She could probably teach me a lot about html, of which I remain in total ignorance.
10. Her views on parenting are uncannily close to my own.
11. She is undoubtedly a dirty stop-out and would provide generous assistance should I chance upon a bar in serious need of propping up.
12. She reads my blog and turns not away from that which is contained therein.

And the negatives...

Well, apart from a seeming preference to Nietzsche over Wittgenstein, I can't think of any right now...but then again, I am on my second bottle of the white stuff with which I was presented last eminently drinkable Chardonnay, seeing as you ask.

So, notwithstanding all those wondrously beguiling positives, there was still something holding me back. Until today that is. When three minutes and forty seconds of earworm blinded me with the realisation that not only does she...blah...blah...blah...blah, she also loves jazz!

Marry me, Jess!

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