Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I really must apologise Jess...I really am sorry. I must have read your latest about an hour ago and I've been otherwise engaged since but I've just poured myself a good two fingers of the finest, sat down in front of the beast and can hardly focus. If anyone can tell me why Jess taking a hefty right cross should have me in hysterics...I mean real tears of laughter here...I would be exceeding grateful. My own theory, for what it's worth, is that I've been right through it and come out the other side into a place where laughter is the only possible or even sane reaction.

Maybe Aeschylus can help me out again.

Near the heart the pointed sword
Waits; when Justice gives the word,
Through and through, sour edged and strong,
Strikes the blade. For none can long
Scorn regard of right and wrong,
Break the holy laws of heaven,
And hope to find his deed forgiven.

Justice plants her anvil; Fate
Forges keen the brazen knife.
Murder still will propogate
Murder; life must fall for life,
So the avenging Fiend, renowned
For long resolve and guile profound,
Now the wheel has turned with time,
Pays in blood the ancient crime.

It does rather seem a pity that after a few thousand years of human evolution, the best we can come up with nowadays is 'What goes around, comes around', wouldn't you say? I don't think I could be that patient, though...five minutes, that's all I'd ask. Doubt if I'd need it though.

Oh well, if you have been, keep your head down.

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