Friday, February 09, 2007


Yes, I know. One of my more tenuous titles I'll admit, but nothing else would quite do.

As your innate perspicacity and powers of detailed observation will no doubt already have registered the fact that Amstelladagain has been Shoe-horned into a long overdue re-fit, my actual posting about it would, at first glance, appear superfluous in the extreme. However, some rumours are best quelled at source lest matters swiftly get out of hand.

There has been an insidious sussuration of snide whispers that Amstelladagain was a mere spectator in the process and that the photoshopping and html manipulation involved was entirely the work of the woman who does. I would just like to take the opportunity of stating that any further perpetuation of these scurrilous rumours* will leave me no choice but to place the entire matter in the hands of our legal representatives.

You have been warned.

*(Edit) The Amstelladagain legal team would like it clearly understood that they are in no way responsible for the veracity of this statement.


Anonymous said...

Yep...Blogger comments and everything!

Roger B. said...

Love the new look... it's much easier on my presbyopic peepers.

By the way, congratulations to your countrymen for scuppering Bernard Matthews evil empire. Bootiful!